Golf Travel Insurance – Necessary Or a Major Ripoff?

While golf is an expensive hobby there isn’t a lack of golfers or golf resorts. New resorts seem to be popping up all over the U.S and abroad.

Because of this, golf travel insurance is being offered by major travel insurance companies and is becoming a necessity nowadays as the number of golf resorts increase in popularity and the number of amateur and professional golfers increase.

Getting golf travel insurance is important for the following reasons:

The policy will cover you for trip cancellation and trip interruption, medical expenses & death – by lightning or other, golf equipment loss & golf equipment rental, green fee costs, loss of your golf bag and golf shoes.

This article will explore the benefits of why you should carry golf travel insurance.

The best laid plans can go down the tubes if you’re not prepared. While you’re looking forward to your golf vacation something may come up that prevents you from being able to go on that vacation at all, but if you had purchased insurance you’d be covered by the sudden trip cancellation or interruption. This reason itself is worth getting a policy for your golfing vacation but the OTHER MAJOR reason for getting a golf policy is to cover yourself for medical expenses incurred while on your golfing vacation and/or provide coverage for death.

I know it sounds grim but there have been many cases of golfers being struck by lightning. In case you get injured while on the golf course or heaven forbid die you can rest assured that in case of injury you’ll be covered and in case of death your beneficiaries will get compensated.

On a lighter note, the golf policy will also cover golf equipment loss due to theft or other circumstances and will also cover the cost of renting new golf equipment should the need arise. The policy will also cover green fee costs in case something comes up and you can’t make it and the fee happens to be non-refundable which it usually is and lastly the policies will also cover your golf bag and shoes should they get stolen. Golf equipment such as clubs and golf bags and shoes are all pretty expensive and so there is a greater chance of theft.

As you can tell, taking out golf travel insurance does have its’ benefits and is an important factor to consider before you embark on your next golf vacation. Besides trip cancellation or interruption or medical coverage, it also provides golf equipment coverage. You certainly don’t have to get every single coverage offered but if you’re going abroad then at a minimum medical coverage should be strongly considered.

Sam Fox is a blogger and world traveler. He runs an informational website dedicated to providing information on the advantages and pitfalls of various travel insurance polices and also provides information on other travel related topics.

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